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Competitive rock crawling & rock racing at it's best, West, East and Regional events.

W.E. Rock Eastern Series Round 3 Dayton and Exhibition Dirt Riot

Another Exceptional Weekend at the W.E. Rock Rock Crawling this weekend!

Final Results:

PHOTOS!  See on Facebook:

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Todays Dirt Riot Exhibition in Dayton was a Blast!! Thanks to everyone that came out! CONGRATULATIONS to::::

4400 Class: 1. Chicky Barton 2. Bobby Potts 3. Adam Macke
Stock Trail: 1. Marc Zaboth 2. Travis Wilson 3. Jessica Huffman
Split Time Will be posted Soon


PHOTOS::   See on Facebook!!

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This is the Third W.E. Rock Eastern Pro Rock Crawling event in the four round Series!  Be sure to join us on Friday at 8pm and Saturday at 7pm (Eastern/Fast Time) for the most extreme Rock Crawling you have ever seen!  Bring a lawn chair and plan on hanging out!

Did you know that YOU CAN COMPETE ALSO?  There is a STOCK Class that you can enter.  $100 entry fee for trophy and bragging rights!  Just need to have two fire extinguisher, a seatbelt harness, a solid roof and a helmet!

Please join us!  More information, directions and times    CLICK HERE!!

As an ADDED BONUS – There will be offroad DIRT RIOT racing on Sunday!

Dirt Riot tech and registration Sunday morning 9:30 to 11:00am
12pm Start Time

Spectator fee of $10  – or $5 if you have a wristband from the rock crawls

Cost to race any class $150 with a 50% payback in all classes.

UTV = open, must have safety items listed below
Trail stock = 36″ max tires, stock frame, most of the stock body (75%) or more)
Mod trail = 37″ tires or bigger, front engine, front radiator, frame from pulleys to behind front seats
Ultra 4 classes:

All classes must have 2 fire extinguishers, sturdy cage, 4 point harness minimum, door/side protection, solid material over the driver and co-pilot, dot sfi snell approved helmets
4400 4500 4600 must adhere to Ultra 4 classes rules
UTV class will run 1 hour race (by themselves if more than 5 entered)
Trail classes and 4600 will run a 1 hour race
4400 4500 will run a 2 hour race
Race will be scheduled to start at noon

No pre running will be allowed, but there will be a parade lap before racing begins

All teams that enter will have an invite to the Dirt Riot National Rampage event October 13th in Bridgeport Texas

This race is not a national series points championship race.


Come back during the event to this link for the results and pictures!!


Check out the first Round that was in Dayton:  CLICK HERE

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