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2007 W.E. ROCK :: Eastern US Championship

After three full seasons, every series has been won by a different team. Furthermore every team that has won is a pure class act in sportsmanship, professionlism, and competitive spirit. The Unlimited class looked to be a clean sweep, but a last minute stand by other teams would make first place in the Unlimited Class sweat it out. The Pro Modified Class would make for a bit of drama as there was a tie for first place after 4 events and 36 courses; the outcome would place 2006 Eastern U.S. Nationals Champion in Second Place and old timer to the sport/newcomer to the class in First Place. Another clean sweep in the Modified Stock Class, this time for the three-peat, but can they go on to win the only two event that have eluded the duo? the Grand Nationals and the World Championships...

Below are the crazy standings that produced one of the most competitive, most exciting, and most prolific rock crawling series in the history of the sport. Below that is a write-up of each team in the top six…

Any ties are determined first by the number of wins each team takes, then by the last event finish.

2007 Eastern U.S. Series Standings :::

2006 Eastern US Series Champion : Unlimited Class ::: Photo Cedit: deke/Pirate4x4.com
Taking three different championships in three separate years, Matt Deas and Jeff Rowland are on a hot streak after topping the Eastern U.S. Nationals Division by 5 series points. Taking no worse than a fourth place and winning the second Eastern U.S. Nationals event in Sequatchie, Tennessee, fans can look to Deas and Rowland to represent the east coast circuit in full fashion during the Grand Nationals.

2nd place in the Unlimited Class ::: Photo Cedit: deke/Pirate4x4.com
After winning the 2005 Eastern U.S. National Series, Brad Styles and Stacey Walker have been grabbing top ranks every year. Bettering his 2006 series standing of 3rd place and outscoring that standing by nearly five points seats well with making a comeback on his title for the 2008 year. His win at the season opener makes him always in the hunt for gold as the duo has taken the win every first event of the season.

3rd place ::: Photo Cedit: deke/Pirate4x4.com
The 2005 National Champion strikes again with his win at Rausch Creek, PA. Haines and Howard are one of the most consistent teams in the U.S. bringing a 5th from Grand Nationals and a 2nd place at the World Championships in 2006. Regardless, the team delivers excitement as one of the nations young gun teams that excel at every event. Look for Haines and Howard to always sit atop the podium and fight against the west during the GNC's.

4th place ::: Photo Cedit: deke/Pirate4x4.com
As a first year team on the W.E.ROCK Circuit, Alan Woodson and Mark Smith have made an ultimate impression. Being Nominated for the Eastern U.S. National's "Rookie of the Year," the duo has consistently placed in the top six at every event and swiped a 3rd place at the Rausch event. Coming in an actual tie for third place, Woodson and Smith bumped to forth based on the number of wins rule, even though, look for this team as a definite threat for years to come.

5th Place ::: Photo Cedit: deke/Pirate4x4.com
Panozzo and McMahon's quick start at the beginning of the year flashed a possibility of season championship with their 2nd place at Hannibal, Mo. From there he placed all over the board taking a 6th, 3rd, and 9th. Regardless, Panozzo still moved up in the ranks from his seventh place in 2006. Keeping on this pace, Panozzo is always a threat to any podium and will have a definite presence at the Grand Nationals.

6th Place ::: Photo Cedit: deke/Pirate4x4.com
Another first year team was Carl Shortridge and Mike Fox, who took as high as fifth place during the Eastern U.S. Nationals opener in Hannibal, Mo. The duo has gained a nomination for "Rookie of the Year" as their sportsmanship and professionals as well as their standings has made them a true W.E.ROCK team to watch. On course the charisma the duo caries stands tall with sponsors and fans alike.

2006 Eastern U.S. Series Champion : Pro Modified Class ::: Photo Cedit: deke/Pirate4x4.com
Ken Blume carried to different spotters for the 2007 season in Ryan Leifiet and Chuck Carlson. Leifiet worked well with Blume in the first event with a win at Hannibal and due to commitments, Carlson took over at Jellico and Rausch with two consecutive wins. Blume, who moved into the Pro Modified Class after seeding sixth in the Unlimited Class in 2006 would find sure comfort pulling out more wins per class (Upper Classes) than any other driver in W.E.ROCK in a single season.

2nd Place in the Pro Modified ::: Photo Cedit: deke/Pirate4x4.com
Rohrer and Rolfert left the 2006 season as Eastern U.S. National Champions, and this year there was only one exception. A pure tie for first place would seat the team to the more wins rule, which would place the duo in second. Regardless, their win at the tough and tumble, Sequatchie, Tennessee event, followed by true consistency will keep crowds swarming upon the exciting Maxxis Team.

3rd Place in the Pro Modified Class ::: Photo Cedit: deke/Pirate4x4.com
Coming into the Final event in a tie for second place with Ken Blume would be a tough set to crack. Although Rusty Bray and Josh Wilson lost that small battle with their third place at Rausch Creek, they have consistently placed high in the ranks and on the podium. After a brief leave in 2005, Bray moved from the Unlimited Class into the highly famed Pro Modified Class for the 2007 season where he instantly dominated the circuit. Look for Bray and Wilson to fight at the Grand Nationals.

4th Place in ther Pro Mod Class ::: Photo Cedit: deke/Pirate4x4.com
After not placing in the Eastern U.S. National Series in 2006, Mike Cole and Justin Blair came out with guns-a-blazin' taking a third place in the season opener at Hannibal, Mo. Since that finish, the duo has taken a consistent stand for 8th place but has the ability to win any event at any time. Cole and Blair's on course knowledge and style at attacking courses makes them a crowd favorite. Their All-Or-Nothing attitude will fit well at the Grand Nationals.

5th Place in the Pro Mod Class ::: Photo Cedit: deke/Pirate4x4.com
Winning the Season Opener in 2006 at Columbus, Gavin Lewis and Bruce Shallis won't hit that mark in 2007's regular season, though they are a favorite for the win at the Grand Nationals. Hitting as high as 3rd place in season standings this year, the team has great vision for the sport as well as the courses, this linked with Lewis' confidence combines for a great show and good standings.

6th place in the Pro Mod Class ::: Photo Cedit: deke/Pirate4x4.com
After winning the "Rookie of the Year" award and placing 3rd for the 2006 season, Goldie and company had high expectations for the 2007 season but constant spotter changes and weird breaks on the vehicle would throw the team all over the standings. His best finish was recorded at Hannibal, Mo with a 4th place, but was faced with wiring issues at Jellico, Tn which sent him down to 11th. He has traditionally placed well at the Grand Nationals with a 4th in 2006, look for a great turnout from this newer W.E.ROCK circuit team.

More Pictures and classes to come at a later date. Featured Next: Modified Stock Class and Formula Toy Class

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