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Becca Webster, navigated by her husband Dustin, Drops off a 12 foot ledge on her way to her first International Championship win. ::: Photo Cedit: Australian 4wd Monthly

W.E.ROCK Hits The World

W.E.ROCK is the only international sanctioning body to offer over 84 events, in 13 countries featuring 600 Rock Sports teams. The competitive network includes regional series throughout the US and a National Series that is divided into Western and Eastern Divisions that meet at season-end for a Grand National Championship. Sanctioned competitive series are also staged in a number of countries around the world. All combined, W.E.ROCK has created the largest international Rock Crawling network in the world.

In 2005 W.E.ROCK held the first international Rock Crawling Championship. Six teams from the US travelled to Australia to battle for the World Champion Title. Teams were provided with replica vehicles and the competition and crawl of their lives.

In 2007 the World Championships were held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The best teams from five countries around the world made their way to the awesome W.E.ROCK designed and constructed course outside of the Fiesta Casino to compete for World Championship bragging rights. The Worlds have become the most prestigious event in the sport of Rock Crawling. Under the current world economic constraints, the World Championships have been suspended temporarily. While the economic climate has made it nearly impossible to hold another World Championship event, W.E.ROCK has continued to build a world-wide presence adding Japan and China to the list of participating nations.

Matt Deas lifting a tire in Columbus, Ohio ::: Photo Cedit: Aaron Campbell

Redefining Extreme
The growth of Rock Crawling over the past decade has been impressive as the sport has been recognized as the fasted growing segment in Off-Road competition. 2010 is expected to be a banner year for the sport, seeing continued growth in spectators, teams, sponsors and media coverage. W.E.ROCK will continue to lead the way with new venues and events planned both in the US and internationally. Our 30% spectator attendance growth in 2009, as we fought through an economic downturn, brought our sport unprecedented new enthusiasts.

W.E.ROCK provides more of everything for any brand that wants to impact the growing legion of off-road fans that follow the sport of Rock Crawling. Numbers continue to grow! More action, more spectators, more teams, more international events, more national events, and more media coverage means more value. The time is right to catch this rising star in the lucrative off-road sports category.

This, along with W.E.ROCK's new look has fueled more excitement than all of the previous years combined. From media coverage to customer service to premier event sites, W.E.ROCK has redefined the world of Rock Crawling and redefined the term "Extreme."

W.E.ROCK U.S. Nationals East and West sites ::: Photo Cedit: On The Run Graphix | Rise Above Photography

The Eastern & Western U.S. Nationals
The western states have been the breeding grounds for the off-road industry. W.E.ROCK has the region covered with four scheduled events on the calendar for 2010.

Western U.S. Nationals
March 26-28 Oroville, CA Red=Sites on the 2010 Schedule
May 1-2 Tucson, AZ
June 18-20 Reno, NV
Jul. 31-Aug 1 Salt Lake City, UT - (Proposed Evening Event)

W.E.ROCK continues to put together the most prestigious Rock Crawling competitions in the eastern US. The Eastern U.S. Nationals cover more area along the eastern seaboard than any other Rock Crawling series. Opportunities for businesses wanting to put their product and brand in front of this growing east coast market of off-road enthusiasts can capitalize on the regional series.

Eastern U.S. Nationals
May 21-23 Rausch Creek, PA Red=2010 Scheduled Sites
May 23-24 Hannibal, MO
June 27-28 Rausch Creek, PA
August 1-2 Dayton, TN (Season Finale' Night Event)

Both the Western and Eastern series are developing "feeder" events as qualifiers for the events. The W.E.ROCK Championship Series is a pyramid, with the feeder series providing local competitors a "minor league" opportunity to join the sport. This system creates training and breeding grounds for the Nationals and allows companies the opportunity to capitalize on local and regional marketing strategy. W.E.ROCK has developed multiple levels of sponsorships, advertising programs and promotional concepts for businesses that can be customized to meet your marketing program.

Beyond the series, W.E.ROCK is developing W.E.ROCK University. A Rock Crawling driving school located in Tucson AZ. Aspiring Rock Crawling Drivers and Spotters will learn to navigate the world's most difficult competition terrain in their own vehicles. Instructors include the world's leading course designer Lil' Rich Klein, along with an All-Star cast of the nation's best drivers. W.E.ROCK University will be featured on W.E.ROCK Live, a reality based TV show about Rock Crawling that's currently under production. This is a great venue for team building and structuring within your company and a bonding experience that will have a lifetime impact.

Kevin McGlothlin Aiming for the high mark at the 2005 Grand Nationals ::: Photo Cedit: Brian Gray Wickedmag.com

W.E.ROCK Grand Nationals
TThe Western and Eastern Series culminate in the Grand Nationals at the end of the season. The best teams from the East and West battle on the toughest course of the year for the National Championship Title. International media coverage, huge crowds and fierce competition make this event the Superbowl of Rock Crawling each year.

Media coverage- which includes national and international TV, trade publications, consumer off-road publications and regional consumer media - make this the #1 media event in the industry and delivers more impressions than any other event in the Rock Crawling industry.

The Grand Nationals include seminars, product displays, car corrals, hospitality setting, and track time for participants along with Event Souvenir Program Advertising and corporate connections.

Grand Nationals
October 2-3.............Farmington, NM

Brian Ellinger Pro Modified World Champion ::: Photo Cedit: On The Marq Photography

W.E.ROCK World Championships
W.E.ROCK has created the most exclusive rock crawling event in the World with the W.E.ROCK World Championships. To qualify, teams must win the top three positions in each of the three classes at the Grand Nationals or place first in their series. With this, the United States brings 15 teams per year for representation against the best from all over the world.

Teams involved exclusively with the W.E.ROCK Sanctioning Body are invited from countries all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, China and Japan. (With more countries joining the series each year). This is the unique opportunity to put your brand on the world stage.

The World Championships happen every two years and will be in Australia after the 2010 season. This is a great way to establish your brand on an international level by joining/branding the entire American team, or by branding the World Championship event.

World Champion Jason Paulie preparing for a course ::: Photo Cedit: Houp Photography

Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities
W.E. ROCK is the ideal venue for corporate sponsorship, product sales and entertainment amid the high tech excitement of professional off-road motorsports. Each year W.E.ROCK events attract over 75,000 direct impressions through spectator attendance and a television viewing audience of hundreds of millions nationally and internationally. We are committed to providing our partners with a variety of promotional programs and services to maximize their marketing strategies. Together we will build a custom sponsorship program that fits your marketing needs and budget because we recognize that like the off-road industry; one size does NOT fit all.

Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities
-Specific Sponsor Titles:
W.E. ROCK Sponsor, Series Sponsor, World Championship Sponsor, Grand National Sponsor, Event Sponsor, Class Sponsor and Vehicle Sponsor.

-Official Partnership Rights:
Official Tire of W.E. ROCK, Official Suspension of W.E. ROCK, Official Winch of W.E. ROCK, Official drink of W.E.ROCK, and even, the official shoe of W.E.ROCK. You name it.

-Unique and Unequaled Hospitality for Your Company and Your Key Clients:
Participation in Rhino RTV Celebrity and Vendor Challenges, competitor "meet and greets", public partnership recognition at events and trade shows, Executive Team Building programs, - you tell us what you want, and we'll make it happen.

-Alternative Advertising:
Entertainment Sponsor, Pit Sponsor, Specialty Event Sponsor, customer outings, regional promotions through driver and vehicle appearances, co-op advertising, sweepstakes - an unending list of advertising opportunities.

-Conventional Advertising:
Print ads, outdoor ads, posters, radio ads and broadcast support, tradeshow support, W.E. ROCK website advertising, television production, and direct marketing.

-On-Course and Event Promotion:
Awards stand, stage, banners, flags, cones, obstacles, seating areas, vendor displays, beer-garden, video monitors, competition programs, public address system, and scoreboards.

These opportunities and more will bring customers to your door and recognition to your brand. We are excited to include you by creating a partnership plan truly unique to your goals. With our new business and marketing structure, W.E.ROCK's partnership opportunities will fast become the best value for your marketing dollar. You have been waiting for a single business and marketing-minded promoter to rise to the top. That time is here so stop waiting and get involved!

Fans going after autographs at the Grand Nationals | RP Films Haulin' or Crawlin' Cover ::: Photo Cedit: Flat Iron Fab

Official Merchandise
W.E.ROCK would like to extend an invitation to include your logo on Official W.E.ROCK Race Merchandise. Be a part of the action by combining your corporate identity with the official logo that has been so proudly established. We have a complete line of race gear to choose from, all tailored to fit your business needs. Our collection includes T-shirts, hats, DVD's, posters, jackets, and more. Enhance the impact of the event by remembering the details. Combine your logo with our official event merchandise and surprise your special guest. Imagine the smiles your VIP's will have when you give them a truly unique gift that only you can give. All guaranteed to put your business in the winner's circle.

At every W.E.ROCK sanctioned event, fans buy thousands of dollars of official W.E.ROCK gear, team gear and merchandise provided by our sponsors. Your company can capitalize on this growing, impulse- driven marketing opportunity. At the same time, a website-based merchandise store continues to grow into an ongoing revenue source and brand-marketing opportunity.

W.E.ROCK also carries the best production crew with them to every U.S. National event to produce the hit film series, "Haulin' or Crawlin". Make an impact on your brand by teaming up with the 2006 Xtremey Award Winner for "Best Rock Crawling Film" to give your guests or consumers something to remember forever. RP Films, producers of the series, has taken the 4-wheel drive world by storm and you can be a part of the action by placing logos throughout the films. Want to make an even bigger impact? We have packages that include production and inclusion of commercials that promote your brand in the most exciting of ways. When it comes to merchandising, "we're on it", and you should be too!

Where will you be in 2010 when the action starts?

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