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W.E.ROCK Regional Series

Mike Kleinsin climbing with aid from spotter Chris Adamen ::: Photo Cedit: Chad Jock Photography

Over the years the sport of rock crawling has been built from the top down. Every series' goal was to produce and promote the "Pro" rock crawlers. This would make over 5 different promotional bodies, all having their own rules, own competitors, with no way to move up or start in the grassroots stage of a racing career. Just like any form of racing, Darwin's theory of "Survival of the Fittest" would come into play and promoters would either buy each other out, merge, or fall off the scene. Through all the action, one would eventually come out on top and other would find ways to still hold events, but do it together as unity would create strength.

This is where W.E.ROCK comes in with the grand plan, one that captures a very unique seat for all involved. As the lead promoter in Rock Crawling, W.E.ROCK also has an International Sanctioning Body for rules and growth throughout the world, which currently works with 5 active countries, and over 20 other countries that are gearing up for competition. This base would be a great starting point for all others as well, regionally, divisionally, nationally, and internationally.

The sanctioning body of W.E.ROCK helps build the sport from the regional grassroots portion of the sport all the way to the international scale. There are many levels to the now pyramid shape of the sport, all of which are important. At the foundation of this pyramid is one of the most crucial pieces to the very stable W.E.ROCK organization, the Regional Series.

The many regional series' in the W.E.ROCK pyramid are produced to give a very family orientated, entry-level competition for enthusiasts and fans to get their feet wet. With a network of 10 regional series located throughout the U.S. with many more on the way, there is a place for every team, fan, sponsor, and partner that may be interested in the sport. Below is a list with contact info for each series under W.E.ROCK.

Kyle Bruso navigating the RRock Courses ::: Photo Cedit: Pirate4x4

Rockport Off-Road

(Hannibal, MO Regional Series)

Hannibal Rocks and the RRock Series: Located just north of St. Louis by an hour, this site sits just outside by 5 miles of Hannibal, MO where Mark Twain once had residence. Hannibal Rocks is an Off-Road park that recreational wheelers can go play at as well as the host to the RRock Series that many East Coast Wheels have come to love. RRock features the 3 W.E.ROCK Classes as well as several others to involve anyone that wants to play. W.E.ROCK utilizes their great staff, wheeling knowledge, and event site as one of the staple locations in the Eastern U.S. Nationals. W.E.ROCK will be attending Hannibal, MO on April 25th - 27th.

Mark Thurston at CalROCS driving on two wheels, and later landing on all 4 ::: Photo Cedit: Pirate4x4

(California Rock Crawling & Off-Road Championship Series)

CalROCS: The only regional series currently developed on the western seaboard features W.E.ROCK Classes in both Pro and Semi Pro divisions. The main difference between the two divisions is money based to provide a cheap alternative for running against the top drivers. The CalROCS series travels to several locations throughout California and it is the only traveling Rock Crawling series besides the W.E.ROCK series.

A recreational team driving during RCROCS' Practice Day ::: Photo Cedit: Pirate4x4


RCROCS (Rausch Creek Rock-crawling & Off-road Championships Series) RCROCS is located in Pennsylvania only an hour outside of the state capital of Harrisburg at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park. The site features Man-Made Rock sprayed of concrete, and Natural Terrain with a gray and white colored rock. The Rausch Creek Park is the only site in the world to feature full Man-Made and full Natural obstacles for their competition venue. So for those recreational wheelers that prefer to stay all-natural, there is plenty of rock out there for you. RCROCS is also a location for the W.E.ROCK Eastern U.S. Nationals, as the Top Teams will be rockin' on August 1st - 3rd.

(Missouri Rock Crawling & Off-road Championship)

Carolina Crawlin

(Spartanberg, South Carolina)


(Virginia Rock crawling& Off-road Challenge)

Katemcy Krawl
(On the Red Rock of Katemcy, TX)

"The ROC"

(Columbus, Ohio Regional Series)

Where will you be in 2008 when the action starts?

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