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W.E.ROCK "Rookie of the Year" Nominees

After a great 2007 season, W.E.ROCK has gathered the top rookies in each the Eastern U.S. Nationals and the Western U.S. Nationals. Gathering a total of 8 teams all together, 4 from each coast, it was no easy task as every rookie team had been nominated and all deserve great appreciation. Once all the rookie teams have been gathered, W.E.ROCK takes the top 4 teams built off sportsmanship and standings. The voting will take place between 2 W.E.ROCK Officials, 2 Media Sources, and 3 Veteran Teams. From this article the voters will have one week to decide who gets the top honors for each division. The only classes that are represented are the Pro Modifieds and Unlimiteds. All other classes are considered entry level and teams do not get the option of nomintation until they move up.

Jim Pearson jumped into Shane Yosts Unlimited after Yost found his son diagnosed with cancer ::: Photo Cedit: High Rev Photography & Pirate4x4.com

Jim Pearson entered the rock crawling season in the Unlimited class as an entirely new driver in a vehicle that had been tested to the full extent by former driver Shane Yost. After Yost's son Zachary had been diagnosed with cancer, (for more info check out the articles in the History link at the top of the page), the vehicle went up for sale and Pearson, along with his family of committed wheelers, bought it in hopes of entering into the Western U.S. Nationals. Pearson made great strides in his first year; look for this driver cracking the Top 10 in years to come.

Mike Kleinsin climbing with aid from spotter Chris Adamen ::: Photo Cedit: Chad Jock Photography

Mike Kleinsin and Chris Adamen had competed in other series before entering the Western U.S. Nationals and it showed as the two placed in 5th in the first series event held in Las Vegas. "We always excell at the Man-Made Courses," stated Kleinsin after his Vegas event. Consecutive top 15 finishes rounded out the rest of the year though the duo were always in contention until a break or roll would take out the rest of the event. Look for Kleinsin and Adamen to take control as the Crossed Up Team will battle in the 2008 Redefining Extreme Tour.

Terry Dagen ::: Photo Cedit: On The Run Graphix | Flat Iron Fab

The son/father duo strikes again in the form of Terry and Troy Dagen. Running the Monster Energy brand, and competing in his rookie year, the two have made the huge commitment of running both the Eastern U.S. Nationals and the Western U.S. Nationals. Though in both series the Monster of a team hasn't taken any higher than 2nd, look for the duo to place well as they have a HUGE support crew and the fellowship of Campbell Enterprises on their side. The Grand Nationals also pulled in a 2nd place as the two drove consistant all weekend and year with a 5th in series points.

Tim Florian climbing A4 at the Grand Nationals where the team took Fifth place ::: Photo Cedit: Chad Jock Photography & Pirate4x4

There are many times a Rookie enters into a race season with wishes of doing well, Florian and Moulden are one of the fortunate few that actually pulled it off. Florian started out in the more affordable/family fun Formula Toy Class where he took class champion as a spotter for Hobie Smith. From there he jumped into a very proven Twisted Customs Toyota FJ-40 and ran away from the competition. Gaining a first in series points at Globe, AZ placed Florian in a great seed for the rest of the series. Florian's aggressive driving style, fifth at the Grand Nationals, and a 3rd in the Western U.S. Nationals make this team a favorite among fans.

Alan Woodson and Mark Smith team up at the 2007 Grand Nationals A4 ::: Photo Cedit: Chad Jock Photography

As a first year team on the W.E.ROCK Circuit, Alan Woodson and Mark Smith have made an ultimate impression. Being Nominated for the Eastern U.S. National's "Rookie of the Year," the duo has consistently placed in the top six at every event and swiped a 3rd place at the Rausch event. Coming in an actual tie for third place, Woodson and Smith bumped to forth based on the number of wins rule, even though, look for this team as a definite threat for years to come with a 7th place at the Grand Nationals.

Carl Shortridge ::: Photo Cedit: England Photo

Another first year team was Carl Shortridge and Mike Fox, who took as high as fifth place during the Eastern U.S. Nationals opener in Hannibal, Mo. The duo has gained a nomination for "Rookie of the Year" as their sportsmanship and professionals as well as their standings has made them a true W.E.ROCK team to watch. On course the charisma the duo caries stands tall with sponsors and fans alike as these "Wild Nuts" were the only team at the Grand Nationals to drop off the side of "The Bridge." Showmanship and standings place this team high on the list.

Gavin Lewis ::: Photo Cedit: Deke w/ Pirate4x4.com

Winning the Season Opener in 2006 at Columbus, Gavin Lewis and Bruce Shallis wouldn't have hit that mark in 2007's regular season, though they are a favorite for the win at the Grand Nationals. Hitting as high as 3rd place in season standings this year, the team has great vision for the sport as well as the courses, this linked with Lewis' confidence combines for a great show and good standings. As their first full season in W.E.ROCK, we can proudly say the duo has the ability to take control and the podium.

John Boring ::: Photo Cedit: Deke from Pirate4x4.com

John Boring and Spotter ____ would come out of a fantastic year with an 8th place on their shoulders. The teamwork and sportsmanship that the duo has is nearly unstoppable and they would show it at W.E.ROCK's Eastern U.S. Nationals Season Finale' in Rausch Creek, Pennsylvania where they would take sixth place after two days of great driving. John's Personality has worked great for W.E.ROCK's Television Coverage as he has been a spokesman for the sport in front of the camera. Watch out for these two as they will soon make a bigger impact on the podium.

Where will you be in 2008 when the action starts?

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