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2007 W.E. ROCK :: Western US Championship

Holy Crap! What an amazing series championship run, and it all came down to a tie for first place in the Unlimited Class. Teams moved all over the place as first moved to forth, 9 teams acquired position changes (some good, some bad), and a champion was crowned by pure consistency and no event wins. The Pro Modified class turned true with one of the stats given at the beginning of the season: The team to place second in the first event goes on to win the series. And by pure coincidence, team strategy, and skill, both teams to win the series are FABTECH Sponsored Teams.

Below are the crazy standings that produced one of the most competitive, most exciting, and most prolific rock crawling series in the history of the sport. Below that is a write-up of each team in the top six…

Any ties are determined first by the number of wins each team takes, then by the last event finish.

2007 Western US Series Standings :::

2006 Western US Series Champion : Unlimited Class ::: Photo Cedit: Chad Jock Photography/Pirate4x4.com
The Brother Duo of Tracy and Jason Jordan are nearly unstoppable and it shows as they have won the Unlimited Class Series Championship. The Jordan's, gathering now 7 championships and 18 event wins have their eyes set on the two entities they have yet to win in Rock Crawling: The Grand Nationals and the World Championships. Taking third place in last years World Championships in Las Vegas, NV, the brothers now have the invite to the World Championships where they will take on the Australians in an all out international battle.

2nd place in the Unlimited Class ::: Photo Cedit: Chad Jock Photography/Pirate4x4.com
Zeller and Poston is the perfect match in Rock Crawling as their charisma, determination, and personalities are second to none. Zeller is the classic cowboy type that gets everything done on time like said, and Poston is the American Muscle behind Mad Rock Racings great performance. Both Zeller and Poston have posted stellar finishes all over the U.S. and in Australia. With countless wins the duo has yet to take the series, though this year finished in the series with a tie for first. As the tiebreaker came down to the last event finish, Zeller and Poston would lose out on only a few points. Look for revenge to be had in the 2008 season.

3rd place ::: Photo Cedit: Jason @ HighRev Photography/Pirate4x4.com
The son/father team of Cody and Jim Waggoner has shown that through adversity, family blood works best. The two have won countless championships and event wins in the Modified Stock Class and moved to the Unlimited Class only three years ago where they have continued their growing success. After wins at Donner last year and Goldendale this year, the team is destined for a bright future in Rock Crawling. The battles between the Waggoner's and Zeller are also great as the two fights for the win against each other constantly. Waggoner has won the battle in wins, but lost the battle in points. Look for the Waggoner's to make the push towards the National Championship in September.

Defending National and World Champion ::: Photo Cedit: Jason @ HighRev Photography/Pirate4x4.com
The current National Champion and World Champion, Jason Paule and company have always produced great numbers, year after year. In the 2007 season an in house issue forced a mid-season spotter change, which hardly slowed the team down as Jason took a 4th immediately after the change. Paule, who lead the points race the majority of the season, would lose it all in the final seconds at Donner. Don't think that this will effect the rest of the year as Paule has been on fire even with his last two event finishes. Paule has an Automatic Invite to the Worlds Event this year from his 1st place in worlds in 2006.

Jason Paulie and Travis Wadeson taking 5th place ::: Photo Cedit: Jason @ HighRev Photography/Pirate4x4.com
Another brother team from Arizona was leading the point's race until a blown motor plagued the Campbell Enterprises team at Goldendale. Many thought that the Campbell team was out of the race at that point, but soon found out that determination would give the Campbell's three event wins in 2007 (1-Jellico, TN:::1-Globe, AZ:::1-Donner, CA). These wins have granted well for the brothers, look for the two at the top of the podium in the future after their 2006 Western U.S. Nationals series in last year.

Rick Dermo and Rick Gersch rounding out the top six ::: Photo Cedit: Jason @ HighRev Photography/Pirate4x4.com
The all or nothing attitude of Jason Scherer and Lance Clifford prove three things, great finishes, bad finishes, and a great show regardless of their placing. "The two are definitely one of the best teams to watch as their attitude is second to none," Explains Event Director Lil' Rich. Placing no better than second in the 2007 season, these guys have what it takes for the win, they just haven't pulled it yet. Scherer, former rookie of the year, has registered countless wins and seems to be a crowd favorite regardless of location or standings.

2006 Western US Series Champion : Pro Modified Class ::: Photo Cedit: Chad Jock Photography/Pirate4x4.com
Defending Supercrawl Champions, the Lovell brother with their family/team support will try to dethrone the current World Champions of Brian Ellinger and Dave Cole. The Lovell's, after scoring an invite to the 2007 World Championships in Syndey, Australia, will strive for the Grand Nationals win before they head over seas. Consistency paid off for the brothers as they never took anything lower than 3rd place in series points and took two 2nd places and a 1st in the final hour. The professionalism and charisma for the two is second to none and a podium finish is nearly always guaranteed.

2nd Place in the Pro Modified ::: Photo Cedit: Jason @ HighRev Photography/Pirate4x4.com
After their Second place series finish in 2005, the team of Brian Errea and Jochim Schwiesow have been on fire. Pulling countless event wins, this Rock Runner Racing team as a whole has registered the most wins under a single chassis in the history of Rock Crawling. A win at Goldendale has prolonged that streak and these defending National Champions will be heading to the Grand Nationals with one thing on their mind, Win. After the 2006 GNC's, the team registered an invite to Australia as well for the 2007 Worlds event.

3rd Place in the Pro Modified Class ::: Photo Cedit: Jason @ HighRev Photography/Pirate4x4.com
There are many times a Rookie enters into a race season with wishes of doing well, Florian and Moulden are one of the fortunate few that actually pulled it off. Florian started out in the more affordable/family fun Formula Toy Class where he took class champion as a spotter for Hobie Smith. From there he jumped into a very proven Twisted Customs Toyota FJ-40 and ran away from the competition. Gaining a first in series points at Globe, AZ placed Florian in a great seed for the rest of the series. Look at Florian for Rookie of the Year for the Western division if he keeps his current line.

4th Place in ther Pro Mod Class ::: Photo Cedit: Jason @ HighRev Photography/Pirate4x4.com
The Ice Man. Obtaining more wins than nearly every single team, both Bulloch and Mumford are almost always the sure bet. After his win at the first series event of the Western U.S. Nationals in Las Vegas, NV; most thought it would be another year under his belt, but after Globe where he blew a rear ring and pinion, it would be a fight to hit the top ranks for the 2nd time in 3 years. Look at Bulloch and Mumford at the Grands to pull in the win.

5th Place in the Pro Mod Class ::: Photo Cedit: Jason @ HighRev Photography/Pirate4x4.com
The son/father duo strikes again in the form of Terry and Troy Dagen. Running the Monster Energy brand, and competing in his rookie year, the two have made the huge commitment of running both the Eastern U.S. Nationals and the Western U.S. Nationals. Though in both series the Monster of a team hasn't taken any higher than 2nd, look for the duo to place well as they have a HUGE support crew and the fellowship of Campbell Enterprises on their side.

6th place in the Pro Mod Class ::: Photo Cedit: Jason @ HighRev Photography/Pirate4x4.com
Some may think the Wife/Husband team idea doesn't flow well, ask Becca and she'll say otherwise. Partners on team and in life, the two have placed well over the last few years with consistency. Becca's last win came at Cedar City, Utah in 2006 and Dustin's last win in Vernal, Utah in 2005. Either way a second in both the Grand Nationals and World Championships as well as a win in the Australian Open in 2005 show that the two can jump into the high ranks on the wings of RedBull.

More Pictures and classes to come at a later date. Featured Next: Modified Stock Class and Formula Toy Class

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