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2007 W.E. ROCK :: Sequatchie, Tennessee

Weather wreeks havoc on teams in Sequatchie, TN ::: Photo Credit: Aaron Schwab
There is no doubt that mixed weather makes mud. Now take that mud and let 50 of the top Eastern U.S. Nationals teams take to the rocks/mud, and you get some crazy action that kept fans riveted to their seats. Unfortunately the mud played a big enough role to where teams had a tough day finishing a single course on day one and caused considerable amounts of damage on vehicles and mental stamina.

Through the adversity on day one, teams found themselves tearing up the courses on Day 2, impacting the scoreboards with low scores and gaining momentum heading into "The Shootout" where the top 6 teams battle for 1st place.

Carl Shortridge Just moments before his roll on A3 ::: Photo Cedit: Aaron Schwab
The Unlimited Class saw several different things for the second Eastern U.S. Nationals event. First was the addition of Shannon Campbell (2007 Western U.S. Nationals Champion). Second was the return of Randy Torbett (2006 Eastern U.S. Nationals Champion). Third was another new winner for the 2007 season in Matt Deas and Jeff Rowland.

Campbell, who resides in Gilbert, Arizona, has fully committed his Monster Energy Drink Team of he and brother Nick Campbell in the Unlimited Class and Terry and Troy Degan in the Pro Modified Class.

Torbett, who has experienced a world of wins with a world championship and several divisional championships, retired after the 2006 season with the idea of helping the sport in many other ways. After news of Campbell's recent eastern excursions and the close proximity of the Sequatchie event, Torbett sought after one more win.

And the story of Deas and Rowland transfers from his win at Jellico the year prior to his newest and most recent win in Sequatchie; squatting any hopes that Campbell or Torbett may have had based on a win. This places Deas very well in the season points as there is nothing short of a showdown going into the third event due to his current tie for first place against adversary Brad Styles (2005 Eastern U.S. Nationals Champion).

Ken Blume's weekend was a little less than ::: Photo Cedit: Aaron Schwab
The Pro Modified Class witnessed some major eye openers as the weekend progressed in Tennessee. First was the tight competition between square tube frame and round tube frame vehicles. Second was the new list of teams that either jumped into the series or moved into the class. And third was another new winner for the 2007 series in Danny Rohrer and Chad Rolfert taking Maxxis Tires second win in the Pro Mod Class for the 2007 season.

The controversy of round tube vs. square tube frames started at the beginning of the 2006 year when rules opened up to allow for more competitors over a wider array of vehicles. The change prompted many questions like whether or not older vehicles still are competitive against the lighter round tube vehicles. The answer is little to no advantage as out of the 14 events since the change, only 1 event has been won in a round tube frame vehicle.

New teams entering the class for the second Eastern U.S. National events include Alan Rich, Rob Stapleton, John Markovich, Terry Degan, and Bradley Marion. Following the tide of Rusty Bray and Ken Blume as they entered the class at the beginning of the 2007 season. Numbers continue to grow. "The Pro Modified Class is easy to associate with, fanns get the picture a little more and therefore carry more excitement," states W.E.ROCK President Lil' Rich Klein.

And last but definitely not least, the second win for Maxxis this year in Danny Rohrer and Chad Rolfert. After the duo won Hannibal in last years Season Finale' and the Eastern U.S. National Championships, Team Wombat has much respect from the other circuit teams.

Kelly Young executing C2's "Gap" ::: Photo Cedit: Aaron Schwab
The Modified Stock Courses were super technical and difficult with out a doubt, and it was a strong showing in class size for the second event in a row. Still at the ranks and winning every east event except one since the W.E.ROCK expansion out east, Derek West and Ritchie Keller threw another win onto the rocks. West and Keller has now expanded their lead to four season points in front of 2nd place Eric Miller. The four-point lead means that Miller would have to beat West and Keller by at least 4 positions to grab first for the series. Can Miller or any of the other teams make a push and gain some ground on the Eastern U.S. Nationals Champion? Bob Roggy from the Western U.S. Nationals is the only guy that has been able to continuously beat West and Keller.

Scores Link: For Scores Click Here

Pictures to come at a later date.

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