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2006 W.E. ROCK :: Western U.S. Nationals :: Fiesta Henderson, NV

W.E.ROCK's first series stop of the Western U.S. Nationals landed in the Las Vegas basin right at the Fiesta Henderson Casino and Hotel. The Fiesta, who also played host to the World Championships, reconfigured and added to for the epic ignition of the largest rock crawling series in the world. This event held many firsts for the world of rock crawling, Catch them all and the coverage listed below.

2006 World Champion Dave Cole navigating course B2 ::: Photo Cedit: Houp Photography

Coming into this event, the hype for the Pro Modified Class was HUGE! Numbers from this particular class were dismal at best in 2006, yet 2007 showed that the truck count rose from 5-6 to 17. Though W.E.ROCK expected more, the event's date being so early in the year threw some teams to the way-side as they were not able to finish their vehicles in time. Second event projections show a possible 25 trucks featured in the Pro Mod class, further showing the growth and excitment of the highly anticipated class.

RedBull Driver Becca Webster Driving the wall on B3 ::: Photo Cedit: Houp Photography

For this event, there are always a few teams to watch, but in Vegas it is anybodies game, and if the gambles pay off, it could throw the teams high into the ranks. One team that many had their eye on was Dave Cole who would come off his first win att he world championships. Cole would start off the weekend right were he left off with a great first score on B1, but his steering pump would cause headaches all weekend landing him into 10th place. Las Vegas Local Nicole and Frank Johnson, coming off a great showing at the women's rock crawl, would also show but but be knocked out due to the rough courses. Despite her entering her rookie season, efforts would still gather her as a crowd favorite. Another favorite was Clay Egan, a Quadrapalegic, who would show that rock crawling can be anyone's game, unfortunately Egan would have engine issues all weekend dropping him to 13th. Other favorites were RedBull's Becca Webster who would tie for 3rd place in a last effort in the shootout, but lose the tie breaker to the A1 course against Grand Nationals Champions Brian Errea and Joachim Schwiesow. And what about the top two? The Lovell Brothers vs. Bulloch and Mumford... Bulloch would blow out his rotators cuff in the right shoulder after a hard hit late on Saturday on B2, but would continue and squeeze by the 2nd place Lovell Brothers by a mear 12 points for the win.

Marty Hart getting twisted during The Shootout ::: Photo Cedit: Houp Photography

The Unlimited class would be showcased by some of the greatest teams of all time: Western U.S. Nationals Series Champion Shannon Campbell competing in his new Monster Energy Drink Moonbuggy, Tracy Jordan coming off his run with fate, death, and a second World Championship (in another series), Jason Scherer, W.E.ROCK Australia Champion Peter Antunac, Marty Hart driving for Bruce Zeller, along with National and World Champion Jason Paulie and Travis Wadeson. All would be a close race until the shootout where Campbell would have his worst showing picking up 3 cones and mearly finishing with a score of 31 (his worst of the weekend). Jordan would run a great shootout but it wouldn't be enough to pull back to back wins, though it would be enough to etch out strong rival Jason Scherer who wouldn't finish the shootout after being denied on the big wall. If Scherer would have driven the wall, he would have beaten Jordan by 1 point, and the rivalry continues. Antunac would post great scores, but was far from making an impact on the shootout as the points spread would be a little too much to make up enough ground.

Jason Paulie atop the wall moments before his win ::: Photo Cedit: Houp Photography

So the top two battle between Off-Road Racing Legend Marty Hart and Rock Crawling King Jason Paulie would finish off with a bit of excitement. Hart, driving for Maxxis Tires and Bruce Zeller and spotted by George Poston, would post up the best shootout score of the top 6 and put the pressure on Paulie and Wadeson to perform great. After Paulie hit a cone and used rear steer (15 points) he would make a near flawless run and come out with a 13 point lead on Hart who would make a valient effort for the win.

The new Formula Toy Class has created a bunch of enthusiasm ::: Photo Cedit: Houp Photography

Next was Modified Stock, Rhino RTV, and Formula Toy (the newest edition to the wide array of classes featured in the W.E.ROCK Sanctioning Body). Troy Bailey would wipe out 2005 National Champion Dan Patterson and Bob Roggy while also taking out 2006 National Champions "Buzzy" Bronsema and Shon Wilson. The Stock class would feature 7 vehicles, 3 higher than the average of the 2006 season. The Rhino RTV drivier Micheal Halunski would show great by taking a 6th overall (if you took all three classes and put them together), in a more affordable and very competitive vehicle. While Halunski would be the only driver in the Rhino RTV class, he would show
the true capabilities of the vehicle and further dominate the rocks. The newest class in W.E.ROCK, Formula Toy, would showcase 7 vehicles and prove that John James be victorious as he passed youngin' Cody Deschamps and the top two teams from the 2006 season. Both Hobie ("Butters" or "Flip Wrist") Smith, and Matt Messer would battle, but as team mates would show no better than 3rd (Messer) and 4th (Smith).

Overall the weekend would prove to be a great start in the highly anticipated W.E.ROCK National "Redifining Extreme" Tour. Check out the schedule link located on the right hand side of the page or at the top of each page for when you favorite pros hit a town near you. And if you can't make the biggest rock show in the nation, then catch all the hot news off the press here at we-rock.cc

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