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Rulebook Diagrams For 2008

The Three Dimensional Rule Explanation For Door Skins of Jeep Cherokees ::: Photo Cedit: W.E.ROCK Archives

5.2.5: Vehicles using non-OEM bodies must be equipped with doors or doorskins resembling the OEM doors of the claimed vehicle. Any body structure narrowed from OEM will be regarded as non-OEM even if the OEM tub/cab sides are retained, and required to run doorskins for occupant safety.

The Three Dimensional Rule Explanation For Top Rail of Jeep TJ, YJ, CJ and Toyota FJ ::: Photo Cedit: W.E.ROCK Archives

5.4: Fenders
5.4.1: All Body panels must look like an OEM body panel of proclaimed vehicle.
5.4.2: All Limited vehicles must have an outer front and rear fender that resemble a 3 dimensional OEM Body panel of proclaimed vehicle.

Firewall Rule Explanation | Blue is what teams need in addition to the "Dog House" in Red ::: Photo Cedit: W.E.ROCK Archives

5.5.3: Firewalls must be ran from the left outer panel to the right outer panel and separate fully, the driver from the engine compartment.

48" Rule Explanation ::: Photo Cedit: W.E.ROCK Archives

5.5.9: Vehicle must be 48 inches wide at the door bar junction to the B-Pillar.

Bumper Rule Explanation | Proposed Ruling on this picture is permitted but not required ::: Photo Cedit: W.E.ROCK Archives

5.7: Bumpers
W.E.ROCK's goal for the Bumper Rule is to keep any stinger, push bar, or bumper separated from the mainframe rails so that the Bumper is not confused with any frame height/width rule. W.E.Rock considers the front bumper to be the foremost part of the chassis including push bars, stingers, etc. The rear bumper is considered to be the rearmost part of the vehicle.
5.7.1: Bumpers must connect the right and left frame rail.
5.7.2: A stinger is considered to be an up-swept bumper of an approximately "A" shape. It includes the top, sides, and any bends transitioning from its sides into other chassis components.
5.7.3: A bumper is considered to be the front most cross member at the end of the frame, including the actual lateral member, and any bends transitioning from that lateral member into other chassis components.
5.7.4: If no bumper is present, the ends of the frame rails will be considered the bumper.
5.7.5: The bumper may be detachable so teams may bounce from series to series. Bumpers may not be considered "Consumable" by having a thinner tubing wall construction of .095.

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