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Dirt Riot Endurance Racing Rule Book 2014 – revised 11/3/13

Important notice

Racing is an inherently dangerous sport. Each competitor assumes that risk when he or she participates in an event. The risk of serious injury or death cannot be eliminated and, in fact, will always be present at a high level. Competitors are urged to advise their spouses and next of kin, if any, of this fact. By competing, all competitors, both driver and co-driver, agree to the following:

In consideration of being permitted to participate in any event sponsored, promoted, or directed by W.E.Rock Events, LLC,  Dirt Riot Endurance Racing, the competitor for himself/herself, his/her personal representatives, heirs, and next of kin, hereby releases the entity, and its’ respective officers, directors, promoters, sponsors, employees, agents and volunteers (“releasees”) of all liability to the competitor, whether caused by negligent act or omission of releasees or otherwise, while the undersigned is for any purpose participating in such event. It is fully understood by each of the competitors that there is some inherent risk associated with this event, including damage to vehicles and injury or death to the individual or others.

In addition, the competitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the releasees from any loss, liability, damage, or cost they incur due to such participation by the competitor, whether caused by releasees’ negligence or otherwise, and agrees to assume full responsibility and risk for bodily injury, death, or property damage from releasees’ negligence or otherwise while the competitor is participating in this event.

W.E.ROCK/Dirt Riot has taken several years to compile information using the input from our current builders, outside resources, professional engineers, and Dirt Riot competitors. It is not Dirt Riot’s intent to eliminate anyone from racing, but just the opposite. It is our goal to continually uphold the highest standards of safety possible for our competitors and spectators. Changes are always met with resistance; however, without them, progress will never happen. Please keep the big picture in mind–safety!

Each competitor acknowledges and represents the following while competing:

1 - That he or she has read the foregoing release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement. 2 - That he or she does at all times, while riding in a vehicle participating in an event, wear his or her respective safety harness and helmet.

3            - That the owner/driver certifies that he or she has inspected this vehicle and that the same certifies it to be in proper mechanical condition for participation in a four wheel drive endurance race.

4            - That the owner/driver has informed himself/herself about the event, either by prior participation or by investigation into the sport and especially W.E.Rock Events Dirt Riot races.

5            - That the driver or any other person(s) in a vehicle participating in any Dirt Riot event, may choose to bypass any obstacle and, therefore, assumes all risk and liability, as indicated above. Please Be Aware:

Although safety is generally everyone’s concern and certainly the highest priority of W.E.Rock/Dirt Riot, the ultimate responsibility rests on the competitors. Competitors can, at any time, choose to bypass any obstacle or area where they feel uncomfortable or unsafe driving.

Dirt Riot Endurance Racing

Rule Book 2014                                                                     



Table of Contents

1.0          Classifications              pg.  3 – 4


2.0          Miscellaneous Rules          pg.  4 – 6


3.0          Additional Rules          pg. 6 – 7


4.0          Purse                              pg. 7


5.0          Series Points                    pg. 8


6.0          Media                              pg. 8


1.0: Classes of Vehicles


1.1: Ultra4

Dirt Riot, through a sanctioning agreement with Ultra4 Racing, uses vehicle specification rules provided by Ultra4 for the professional classes, 4400; 4500; 4600.  No other rules of Ultra4 Racing are applied to Dirt Riot events.


1.2: Sportsman Classifications

Sportsman Classes are intended to attract newcomers into the sport of 4×4 racing. A newcomer can be classified as someone that has never raced before, has only co-drove with another team, someone that has built a new car and looking for a shakedown run, or someone that purchased a new to them car and is learning to drive it, or someone who’s car does not fit the pro classes. No “sandbagging” for class wins is expected.


1.2.1:  Stock Trail Vehicles.   This class is intended for vehicles in stock form with very little suspension modifications, limited in tire size, and performance modifications.  All stock trail class vehicles will be required to meet the Dirt Riot minimum safety standard requirements, which include; 4-point harnesses, solid metal hardtop over a 6-point cage that is tied into the frame of the vehicle, solid metal doors or door bars that extend from the b-pillar at shoulder height to the a-pillar at the ankle/knee height, 2 – 2.5pd rated fire extinguishers. Frame: Stock Class vehicles must retain the entire stock chassis. Chassis modifications can be made only to strengthen the frame (adding material). Body: Stock body must be maintained, trimming of fender wells is allowed for tire clearance only. No “comp cutting” of rear corners is allowed. No ‘boat siding” is allowed. No cutting of floor board material is allowed. Drive train: Drive train modifications are limited to internal up-grades of axles and gears, all stock class vehicles must retain drive train components that were available to that vehicle from the manufacturer. Suspension: Lifting of a vehicle is allowed as long as no other rule for the class is broken. Only non adjustable shocks without coil carriers or air charges are allowed. Non adjustable, non factory bump stops are allowed. Tires: Tires are limited in max size to 35 inch diameter by sidewall designation, if a tire appears to be greater than 35 inches, a measurement will be taken to determine if that tire is acceptable. Steering: Aftermarket steering components are allowed as long as no other rule is broken. Ram assist steering is acceptable, full hydro ram steering is not acceptable. Fuel Cells: Stock fuel tanks can be retained as long as the vent is routed to eliminate spillage, and a non vented gas cap is used to prevent spillage. F-Toy class legal vehicles may enter Stock Trail as long as they meet the 35” tire rule. Window nets are highly recommended.


1.2.2:  Mod Trail Vehicles.   The intent of the Mod Trail Class is to allow racers to modify their vehicles suspension, body, chassis and drive train for added performance, but still retain limits that distinguish the class from an unlimited vehicle. All Mod Trail class vehicles will be required to meet the Dirt Riot minimum safety standard requirements, which include; 4-point harnesses, solid metal hardtop over a 6-point cage that is tied into the frame of the vehicle, solid metal doors or door bars that extend from the b-pillar at shoulder height to the a-pillar at the ankle/knee height, 2 – 2.5pd rated fire extinguishers. Frame: Mod Trail class vehicles must retain the OEM frame from the motor mounts (front mounted motors only) to B-pillar of the cage. Material can be added to the OEM frame. Body: A Mod Trail Class vehicle must retain the cowl (firewall), have a front hood, and front grill. The floor in the passenger area must be complete enough to cover all components, extend from the firewall to behind the seats and to outside of the seats. A rear firewall must separate the passenger compartment from the fuel cell to at least the top of the seats at shoulder height. Drive Train: A Mod Trail class vehicle can modify drive train to any extent as long the modification is automotive based in nature. Suspension: Suspension modifications are unlimited as long as only one shock of any type is used per corner (limit 4 shocks). Tires: A Mod Trail class vehicle is limited to a 37 inch tire by sidewall designation Steering: No limits established except rear steer prohibited. Fuel cells: After market cells are acceptable, manual shut off valves must be added to all fuel lines and vent lines. The fuel cell filler must be in a location and shrouded in such a manner that fuel cannot be splashed into the passenger compartment during the fueling process. Fuel Cell mounting must use a strap type mounting system. Window nets are highly recommended.


1.2.3:  Unlimited Trail Vehicles. All Unlimited Trail class vehicles will be required to meet the Dirt Riot minimum safety standard requirements, which include; 4-point harnesses, solid metal hardtop over a 6-point cage that is tied into the frame of the vehicle, solid metal doors or door bars that extend from the b-pillar at shoulder height to the a-pillar at the ankle/knee height, 2 – 2.5pd rated fire extinguishers. Drive Train: All Unlimited Trail class vehicles must have automotive based drive trains, including motor, transmissions, and axles. Body: A firewall must exist and separate the motor from the passenger compartment. All rotating drive train components must be covered or separated from the passenger compartment. Suspension: No limits Tires: No limits Steering: No limits Fuel Cells: : After market cells are acceptable, manual shut off valves must be added to all fuel lines and vent lines. The fuel cell filler must be in a location and shrouded in such a manner that fuel cannot be splashed into the passenger compartment during the fueling process. Fuel Cell mounting must use a strap type mounting system. Window nets are highly recommended


1.2.4: UTVs  All UTVs will be required to meet the Dirt Riot minimum safety standard requirements, which include; 4-point harnesses, solid metal hardtop over a 6-point cage that is tied into the frame of the vehicle, solid metal doors or door bars that extend from the b-pillar at shoulder height to the a-pillar at the ankle/knee height, 2 – 2.5pd rated fire extinguishers. Maximum motor is a 1000 cc UTV based motor. Window nets are highly recommended. Five-point harnesses are highly recommended


2.0:  Miscellaneous Rules

2.1:   Driver Order

The order of competitors is based on a random-draw system.  Some classes may have further qualifying races to determine start order, this is on an event-by event basis.


2.2 :  Pre-running

Pre-running can only occur during posted times.  All drivers/co-drivers must have completed registration prior to pre-running, this includes signing necessary waivers and paying all fees.  Pre-running requires helmets and harnesses in all classes.  Pre-running is to be done at no more than half speed; it is intended to learn the course, not race the course.  Start/finish and pit areas are 10 mph during pre-running. If a driver is unable to make the posted time for pre-running, there will be one lap allowed during the hour prior to the Driver’s Meeting.



2.3:  Driver’s Meeting

All competitors must attend the Driver’s Meeting. This will be held at a designated location one-hour before the start of the event. Specific information is given at these meetings, as is posting of running order and staging assignments. Failure to attend is not an excuse for infractions, rule changes or not knowing information given at the Driver’s Meeting.


2.4: Tech and Registration

2.3.1:  Teams, who fail to make tech/check-in during the normal hours, may tech and check-in late, but will be charged a late fee of $30.00 without prior registration and approval.


2.3.2: Tech and Registration is specific to the event and will be posted on; drivers are responsible for knowing this information.


2.3.3: Late Vehicle Tech will begin two hours prior to the start of the Driver’s Meeting. Teams must be registered no later than one hour prior to the start of the event.


2.3.4: The Team’s first tech of each season will consist of a full and complete vehicle tech for safety and class rules.



2.4:  Sportsmanship

During all W.E.Rock/Dirt Riot events, proper sportsmanship is required. If a competitor or team member (including pit crews ) promotes unsportsmanlike conduct, is rude or abrasive to officials, local authorities, other teams, media or spectators, destroys property, or displays drunken or disrespectful behavior, they and/or the entire team may be disqualified from the current event and/or future events.   The W.E.Rock/Dirt Riot goal is to promote a respectable sport and promote sponsoring companies in a professional light. Therefore, unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.


2.5:  Protest Procedures

Protests are intended for driver to driver conflicts over rough driving, unsportsmanlike conduct including but not limited to; short coursing, outside assistance, etc.
Protests of calls made by the promoter are not allowed – calls made by the promoter are final and are not open to challenge.
2.5.1: Protesting party must file a protest within 15 minutes of the last car finishing the protested race.
2.5.2: Only a driver in the protested race may file a protest.
2.5.3: $100 protest fee must be paid in cash at time of filing protest.
2.5.4: Winner of protest will be awarded the $100 protest fee.
2.5.5: Three drivers will be chosen at random from the day’s event to sit on the Competition Review Board (CRB), only drivers listed in the protest will be excluded from the CRB.
2.5.6: WEROCK/Dirt Riot will choose a representative from the organization to oversee the CRB proceedings.
2.5.7: The CRB will listen to both sides of the protest.
2.5.8: The CRB will retire to a closed meeting location to discuss the protest and render a decision based on the established rules of conduct, sportsmanship and any standing racing rules.
2.5.9: The CRB may ask for more information or clarification from any or all parties that might be involved before announcing a decision.
2.5.10: The CRB will decide on the penalty if one is needed – options for penalties will be discussed prior to discussions.
2.5.11: The decision announced by the CRB will be binding and is considered accepted by all parties by entering into the event.



2.6   :  Protests for Vehicle for Classification

Only competitors may challenge a vehicle as to its compliance with the rules. In doing so, the challenge must be made no earlier than 6:00 AM on the sign-in day and no later than 12:00 PM of the final day of competition for the specific event. This must be done in writing and given to a W.E.Rock/Dirt Riot management. W.E.Rock/Dirt Riot will then review the vehicle in question. Any costs for such a review (mechanics’ costs, etc.) are the responsibility of the competitor making the challenge.


W.E.Rock/Dirt Riot, having reviewed the vehicle and finding an infraction, will take appropriate action up to and including making the challenged team correct the problem or change classes.  At W.E.Rock/Dirt Riot events, only items that would be considered a gross safety violation will be considered for disqualification.







2.7:  No Chase Race Rule


No outside assistance from any party to aid in furthering your race.
Recovery crews are provided for help only in up righting an over turned vehicle or removing a vehicle from a dangerous portion of the racing surface. Assigned staff Recovery teams will not assist teams with repairs, towing to the pits or any help that aids further progress on the race track. If an assigned staff recovery crew is used to move a stuck vehicle from a dangerous portion of the race surface, they can only move the vehicle back in the direction from which it came and only as far as to make it safe for other teams to pass. Once a vehicle is unstuck it may again proceed with the remaining portion of its race.
Cars racing in the same race or heat may help other cars in said race or heat with recovery, repairs, supplying or bringing parts or tools to another team. Only the driver and riding co-driver will be able to assist in any fashion stated above. Under no circumstance may a vehicle leave the race course to return to a pit for help except in a designated entrance to said pit area.
Drivers or co-drivers may leave their vehicle on course in a non-dangerous location and return on foot to a pit location to retrieve parts or tools needed to repair their own vehicle, during such a trip no one may aid them with the trip or retrieval of parts or tools expect another vehicle in the same race or heat.
The penalty for breaking any portion of the no chase rule is disqualification, if the rule is determined to have been broken but the race has finished and a team continued to race the team will still receive the disqualification and any laps counted after the infraction will be removed from the race history and any awards returned to WERock/Dirt Riot.
It is the drivers’ responsibility to know and understand this rule in whole.
No one can change this rule during any race, including race staff, property owner or any outside source.


3.0: Additional Rules


3.1: Seat Belts

Seat belts must be worn at all times while driving or riding in a vehicle during an event. This applies to all passengers and includes during pre-running, as well as to and from the pits. Seat belts must be a five (5)- point harness with all straps (including Shoulder Straps) secured and locked down; four (4) – point harness is acceptable for any trail classes and UTVs.


3.2:  Winch cable

Only winch rope or synthetic cable is allowed.  Steel cable is not allowed.


3.3:  Horns

All classes must be equipped with a working horn or a CO2 airhorn.


3.4:  Loose Articles

All items must be securely fastened to prevent injury in the event of a rollover. Coolers, misc. parts, and so forth are to be removed from the vehicle prior to pre-running or racing.


3.5:  Fire Extinguisher

Two “completely full” fire extinguishers must be mounted on the roll cage on both the right and left hand side of the driver. Extinguishers should not be mounted close enough to fuel cells or potential fire hazard areas that would make it dangerous to obtain. Halon Systems are recommended.


3.6:  Helmets

All competitors riding in a vehicle must wear a DOT/Snell approved helmet while competing, this includes pre-running. Helmets that continue to below the ear are Highly Recommended for Drivers.


3.7: Medical Conditions

Teams must advise a W.E.Rock/Dirt Riot official of any medical conditions that may affect their ability to perform or become a concern during competition. (Seizures, diabetes etc…)


3.8:  Handles

Handles are recommended on the roll cage. These are to be mounted so that in the event of a rollover the hand is safe.


3.9:  First Aid

First aid kits containing medical tape, gauze, band-aids, and wrap are required in each vehicle.


3.10   :  Injury Report

Any competitor must report any injury to a W.E.Rock/Dirt Riot official prior to leaving the premises (if such competitor is able to make such report.)


3.11   : Drugs/Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol will not be permitted in any degree during competition. Competitors who are found to be consuming or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol during competition will be disqualified from the event they are participating in. All series points will be forfeited for the specific event. Further, disqualification for the remainder of the year is possible.


3.12   :  Emergencies

During an event, a team member may be replaced due to an emergency, with approval from a W.E.Rock/Dirt Riot official.

3.13   : Fire Suits

Every Driver or co-driver in a pro class must wear a fire suit while racing. All fire suits must have a safety rating. Lowest safety rating available is permitted for driver fire suits. Fire suits may be one or two piece suits.



4.0:  W.E.ROCK/Dirt Riot Purse


Purse will consist of 100% of paid entry fees (after withholding for series purse) for pro classes; 4400. 4500, 4600.  The Trail/UTV purse will consist of 50% of paid entry fees. Purse payouts will be to the top 5 competitors in a class, as long as there are more than 17 competitors in a class. If there are less than 17 competitors in a class, W.E.ROCK/Dirt Riot will payout 1 spot for every 4 entered.


1 – 4…… 1 paid

5 – 8 ….. 2 paid

9 – 12 … 3 paid

13 – 16 .. 4 paid

17 – Up .. 5 paid

Purses will be paid out based on the following percentages:


Number of comp/class          Payout

1 – 4          1 paid = 1st:100%

5 – 8          2 paid = 1st:70%, 2nd:30%

9 – 12          3 paid = 1st:62%, 2nd:30%, 3rd:8%

13 – 16          4 paid = 1st:56%, 2nd:28%, 3rd:10%, 4th:6%

17 – Up          5 paid = 1st:55%, 2nd:24.5%, 3rd:10%, 4th:7%, 5th:3.5%



Series Purse

Series fees will be withheld from entry fees as follows; 4400 class, $25/local series, $10/national series; 4500/4600 $15.00/local series, $10/national series. 100% of Series Fees collected will be awarded under the same guidelines as a regular season event following completion of all events, including the National Rampage.


Backdrop Banner

National Rampage winner and National Series points winner from the 4400 class will appear on the next

season’s awards backdrop banner.



5.0: Series Points

Competitors may sign up for season points in one of two ways

  1. Sign up as a “Driver” and the series points follow that driver regardless of the co-driver or vehicle.
  2. Sign up as a “Team” and the series points will follow the team that participated in the first event of the season. At each event, at least two of the three “original” elements must be in place. The two team- members must be the original if the vehicle changes. If one of the team-members changes, the other team-member and the vehicle must be the original. During an event, a team member may be replaced due to an emergency, with approval from a W.E.ROCK/Dirt Riot official. The vehicle must remain the same through an entire event.


Points are awarded as follows:

1st place – 200

2nd place – 199

3rd place – 198

Each place thereafter drops 1 point

Do Not Finish (DNF) is no laps completed received 100 points

Do Not Start (DNS) is vehicle/driver on site, teched and registered, but do not start receives 75 points


Bonus points awarded per race:

Winning = 5 points

Leading Most Laps = 4 points

Fastest Lap Time = 3 points

Fastest Qualifying Time = 2 points


All events will have the same points available; some events may have double points available – these will be so noted; National Rampage will be included in the National Series Points totals(no bonus points for Fastest Lap Time at National Rampage).


National Series points are not calculated for Trail classes and UTVs.


At the end of the season, the total series points will be added to determine the series placing.


5.1: Tie Breaker – for series

If, after the last event in a series, or season, two or more or the top 5 competitors have the same “series point total”, a tiebreaker will be used to determine finishing position. The competitor with the most first place finishes will be the first tie-breaker. The second tie-breaker will be the finisher with the highest percentage of laps completed; third tie-breaker is average finish position; fourth and final tie-breaker is most bonus points earned.  If after applying all tie-breakers, the competitors are still tied, the award will be split. Tie-breakers are applied one at a time, if #1 breaks the tie, no further tie-breakers will be applied.


6.0:  Media

6.1.1:     All media going on course, whether photographer or videographer must be approved by WE Rock/Dirt Riot management

6.1.2:  Outside media outlets will be given priority

6.1.3:  Media vests of a bright color must be worn at all times when on course

6.1.4:  All media must sign an appropriate waiver before going on course

6.1.5:  No alcohol may be consumed prior to or during the event by a member of the media

6.1.6:  Photographers working primarily for a team may apply for media credentials but will approved on an individual basis by WE Rock/Dirt Riot management

6.1.7:  All media are expected to share photos with WE Rock/Dirt Riot; photo credit will be given.