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Opportunities Within the W.E.ROCK Network

Marketing partnerships

Event Sanctioning and Media facing Promotions

Marketing Partnerships:
W.E.ROCK provides your company a unique advantage within the Off Road Industry. The leader in Rock Crawling Event Promotions, W.E.ROCK brings instant credibility to Brand association and recognition. Rock Crawling fans and competitors around the World recognize W.E.ROCK, further showing our brand can help your company’s recognition in the Extreme and Off Road markets.
Marketing Contact: [email protected]

W.E.ROCK Marketing Packet
Attached is W.E.ROCK's Marketing Packet Preview. The links in red below will show you where W.E.ROCK is heading and the past accomplishments. Check it out...
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Marketing Preview

Event Sanctioning and Promotions:
Do you have an event that needs national recognition? Does your event need a different marketing angle? Are the competitors at your events in need of more media exposure? Alignment with W.E.ROCK, and being part of the biggest Rock Crawling Sanctioning Body in the world, can add serious weight to your events.
Promotions Contact: [email protected]

Does your business need an Extreme edge? Can you see your company cross promoting with the largest Extreme Rock Crawling Organization in the World? W.E.ROCK can help you get the position you need in the Extreme Market.
Promotions Contact: [email protected]

Need a surprise and delight for a client or staff reward? As a W.E.ROCK sponsor you have access to a truly unique entertainment opportunity …. Everybody loves a V.I.P. weekend at an event of this caliber. Talk about leverage your brand can use for value added exposure.

Physical Address
2915 Molly Lane
Placerville, CA 95667

Big Rich Tel 530.417.5333
Lil' Rich Tel 530.409.4548
Fax 530.344.9448

email: [email protected]

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