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Yes, the rumors are true, CalROCS does have deals with organizations in Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, and soon, Spain, South Africa, and Russia. This newly created sanctioning body will become know as W.E. ROCK, the World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship Series. This sanctioning bodies goal to have the first true World Championship event during the spring of 2006.

CalROCS will run a National Series under the name of W.E. Rock United States. The series will have a Western Championship and an Eastern Championship, as well as a Grand national Championship Event. To qualify for the Grand National event, you must complete in at least four of the events, either run for the West title, the East title or any combination that equals four events. The top competitors from the Grand Nationals will be awarded a spot in the World Championship Event.

W.E. Rock United States will offer 2 divisions within each vehicle class. The Trophy division, which will have an entry fee of $150.00 with winners being awarded trophies only. The second division will be the Series/Purse Contender Division, where the entries will be $375.00 per event. Payout will be 100% of the entries collected in each class, plus the entries of the Trophy Division (purse is determined after the cost of trophies and competitor event shirts). Competitors signing up for the Series/Purse Contender Division will be required to pay a $400.00 series fee. 100% of the series fee will be used for the Series Championship points payout (minus trophies).




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