Dirt Riot Endurance Racing is a combination of 4 wheel drive trails, dirt roads, rock crawling trails and obstacles tied together to create a race course that runs 5-10 miles in length. Brought to you by W.E.ROCK!

W.E Rock Events Dirt Riot Race in Moab Ends With Tragedy


Update as of 4/7/2015: BLACKFOOT, ID   APRIL 4, 2015: In an unfortunate incident at the W.E. Rock Events / Dirt Riot today at AreaBFE in Moab, UT, a spectator was tragically struck by a racecar.   The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office has declared it an accident. The spectator was within the closed off boundaries of [...]

W.E Rock Events Dirt Riot Race in Moab Ends With Tragedy2022-01-22T20:57:24-08:00

W.E. Rock – What It Takes


Joel Moranton spent the Summer of 2012 Travelling with the W.E. Rock and Dirt Riot crew.  This article is exceptional in showing "what really happens" behind the scenes of an event.   While attending any event, it’s easy to think, “I could have coordinated this so much better!” We have all been to some motor [...]

W.E. Rock – What It Takes2022-01-22T20:57:29-08:00
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