**Membership Fees DUE BY February 15th **

Membership Fees:     PAY NOW

**** Please Note:  The information being asked for on the membership form is part of your Team Page on www.werockteams.com  Please be as thorough as possible.  Thank you! ****
Annual Membership Fee for WE Rock is $300* if paid before January 31, 2023.    CLICK HERE
If Annual Membership fee is NOT paid by February 15th, 2023, a $100 fee per race/event is assessed for each/every event.
No membership fees due for Sportsman, Trail or UTV classes.  BUT, if you would like an Associate Membership that includes a Team Page on the website, please  CLICK HERE

Entry Fees & Payouts:  

Unlimited/Pro Mod entry fee is $300/event, 100% paid out Purse; no series points fees in 2022.
Mod Stock entry fee is $200/event, 100% paid in Purse; no series points fees in 2022.
Sportsman/UTV entry fee is $150, 50% paid in Purse.

To register for an individual event, please go to the event page.  Registration opens approximately one month prior to the event.