Grand Nationals – September 12th-13th – Three Peaks Recreation Area, Cedar City, UT


Follow Signs to event site

Three Peaks Recreation Area
West Mid-valley Rd.
Cedar City, UT 84721
Head west on Hwy. U-56 from Cedar City to Lund Hwy; head north for about five miles to Mid-Valley Rd., then west for about two miles.

Tickets Available Here

Standard Prices

Use Discount Code: WEROCK20 to get 20% off most ticket prices
Tickets also available at gate

$25.00 Adult 16+ 2-day pass
$15.00 Adult 16+ 1-day pass
$5.00 Children 8-15
Kids 7 & Under Free
Military discount (with ID) $5.00 off gate price

Tickets Available Here
Spectator Info

Friday September 11th

Tech & Registration

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm -> Tech and Registration

8:00 pm -> Judges Training

Saturday September 12th

7:30 am -> Judges Training

9:00 am  -> Drivers Meeting

9:00 am -> Spectator Gates Open

10:00 am  -> Competition Starts

Sunday September 13th

9:00 am -> Spectator Gates Open

10:00 am  -> Competition Starts

Shootout at end of Competition

Awards immediately following

Bring your chairs!

Spectator Camping is available inside the Three Peaks Recreation park for $15, payable with your online ticket purchase. Dispersed camping is not allowed, all spectators will need to be in a regular camping spot. Dispersed camping is allowed on the Three Peaks BLM property, full hookups are also available at Iron Springs Resort, about 5 miles from the competition site.

Food and restrooms are available onsite as well. There will be offroad vendors and lots of spectators and teams. Going to be a great weekend.

COVID-19 Protocol

  • All spectators should wear masks, these will be expected to be used anytime you are standing in a line, at the front gate, merchandise or food vendor;  or congregating with others than your family group.
  • Maintain a six foot distance in any lines, there will be cones placed on the ground to help you estimate the distances
  • Bring chairs, then place them with your family group, maintaining social distance from others in their groups
  • Order your admission tickets online to avoid contact payments at the front gate, remember you can use code WEROCK20 to save 20% off most tickets online – discount not available at the gate.
  • Front gate personnel will not be applying wristbands, only handing them to you
  • Bring hand sanitizer.  Hand washing stations will be available, but it’s often more convenient to carry your own hand sanitizer
  • If you are sick, please stay home – if you are coughing, running a temperature, or generally don’t feel well, the better place to be is at home recovering.  We love having you at the event, but err on the side of safety.
  • IF YOU ARE CONSIDERED AT-RISK – there will be a separate entrance line for you on the left, you may drive up to the gate, to promote social distancing – stay in your car, and proceed to the nearest parking space after receiving your wristband.  Parking is extremely limited, please only use this if you are vulnerable.
  • Others should park in the Mountain Biking lot and walk through the gate – stay to the right.
  • Competitors should come with masks.  You will be expected to use them during the driver’s meeting and at awards ceremonies.  If you are not wearing a mask, you must maintain social distancing at these two places.
  • Judges, please bring a mask and hand sanitizer to use between courses since you will be working closely with teams and handling scorecards.
  • Competitors and judges do not need to wear a mask while on course, but may, at your discretion.

About W.E. Rock

The sport of World Extreme Rock Crawling or W.E. ROCK as it is known to our fans is all about challenging driver and machine. Competitors build amazing vehicles to drive over the most extreme obstacles our world renowned course designers can dream up. You will see vehicles perform maneuvers you never thought possible. Conquering large boulders, steep climbs, rock ledges and massive drops, all while avoiding strategically placed cones. Depending on the class the competitors choose to compete in their vehicle must follow some basic build rules and safety requirements. The rules are designed to keep each class fair while allowing the builder freedom to engineer the most competitive vehicle they can. Once on the course the driver and spotter have 10 minutes to navigate 3-4 gates (set of cones) without hitting any cones and as few backups as possible. Each cone hit or backup they take adds points to their score and the team with the lowest score wins. The courses are designed to provide the most action for the spectators throughout the weekend and force drivers to push what they have built to the limits.