Unlimited Class Winner Determined in the Shootout


Excitement abounded for the fans at the man-made course at Surplus City Jeep in Oroville, California for this past weekend’s events. The second round of the WE Rock Western series was decided in the shootout. Going in, Jesse Haines with spotter AJ Seckman led by 14 points over Brent Bradshaw and Chris Poblano. [...]

Unlimited Class Winner Determined in the Shootout2022-01-22T20:57:34-08:00

Brent Bradshaw on the Terminator


Saturday, Brent Bradshaw got the best of the Terminator, but not until it got him first. Check out this video of Brent's first few minutes. [vsw id="pCgBNtVsFJM" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"] (video credit: Massimiliano Max Gazzaneo)

Brent Bradshaw on the Terminator2022-01-22T20:57:35-08:00

WE Rock Family Hit by Tornado


Just two short weeks before the WE Rock event in Dayton, Tennessee property owners and hosts, Kenny and Julia Kizzar were hit head on by the devastating effects of the tornado that swept the South. The Night of the Tornado, Kenny woke Julia as the tornado roared their way, they crouched between the [...]

WE Rock Family Hit by Tornado2022-01-22T20:57:35-08:00
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