This is what is left of the home and shop

Just two short weeks before the WE Rock event in Dayton, Tennessee property owners and hosts, Kenny and Julia Kizzar were hit head on by the devastating effects of the tornado that swept the South.

The Night of the Tornado, Kenny woke Julia as the tornado roared their way, they crouched between the washer and dryer as the winds picked up everything else around them, it was over in an instant but the effects will be life long.  They will start fresh with very few possessions that they call their own.

Kenny and Julia are just like most of the WE Rock family – self-employed, hardworking folks living their passion and getting by like we all do. The house and shop are gone, the trucks are turned over in the field, the tools are scattered for miles. In an instant, their lives changed, and ours along with it.

Many people have taken time out of their lives to come to the event site and clean it up for this weekends rock crawling event.  The least we can do is give back.

Please find in the kindness of your hearts to gather any extra goods from around your house to share with the Kizzar’s in their time of need. Building supplies, tools, household items, non-perishable food, gift cards, clothing, heck…anything…they have NOTHING!

If you are not attending the Dayton Event, please feel free to donate by sending to:

Kenneth & Julia Kizzar Donation Fund
11314 Dayton Pike
Soddy Daisy, TN 37379

Any Regions Bank or Your Bank will send to Regions at No Charge

We appreciate you supporting the W.E. Rock Family

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