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PSC Motorsports W.E. Rock Grand Nationals

Unlimited Class

  1. Justin Hall / Mark Hall
  2. Matt Messer / John Gabriel
  3. Wayland Campbell / Bailey Campbell / Shannon Campbell
  4. Justin Keilman / Jason Jordan
  5. Denis Volkov / Randy Southall
  6. Josh Jordan / Joe Pierce
  7. Randy Southall / Denis Volkov
  8. Tom Campbell / Vince Gochenour


Pro Modified

  1. Branden Blume / Kyle Bruso
  2. Jason Feuilly / Cody Folsom
  3. Jesse Haines / Chris Poblano
  4. Jared Neff / Rick Jenkins
  5. Aaron Sykes / Ken Rose
  6. Bailey Campbell / Nick Campbell
  7. Masa Tsuda / Jason Jordan


Mod Stock Class

  1. Duane Garretson / Matt Allen
  2. Scott Angell / Josh Thiele
  3. Chris Mercer / Dan Verick
  4. Victor Buness / John Jacobs
  5. Rob Flandro / Taralin Petereit



  1. Charlie Vacha / Justin Keilman
  2. Harold Lisonbee / Victor Buness
  3. Mike VanZyl / Troy Laffee




Hundreds of Pictures Will be Posted… Please Keep Checking Back!


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Saturday – Bower Media

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Great Day 1 at the W.E. Rock Grand Nationals in Cortez, Colorado – Tomorrow the action starts at 10am with four more courses and a shootout!

Unlimited -> Justin Hall, Bailey Campbell, Matt Messer

Pro Mod -> Jared Neff, Aaron Sykes, Bailey Campbell

Mod Stock -> Duane Garretson, Scott Angell, Chris Mercer

Sportsman -> Charlie Vacha, Harold Lisonbee, Mike Vanzyl

WERock Saturday Jared Neff





When the East drivers meet the West drivers at the Grand Nationals, not only is it the largest event of the year, but the competition is tense as the groups compete to earn their titles for the year.

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Unlimited Class

Justin Hall

Justin Hall, Antioch, CA – 2013 Western Pro Unlimited Champion

Josh Jordan

Josh Jordan, Charleston, RI – 2013 Eastern Pro Unlimited Champion

Matt Messer

Matt Messer, Fresno, CA – Western Professional Series. Trail-Gear was Title Sponsor for Western Series

Randy Southall

Randy Southall, Chico, CA – Western Professional Series

Denis Volkov

Denis Volkov, Reno, NV

Wayland Campbell 1

Wayland Campbell, Gilbert, AZ


Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell, Springfield, OH – Racers for Christ



Pro Modified Class

Branden Blume

Branden & Kenny Blume, Lowell, AR – 2013 Eastern Professional Pro Mod Champion

Aaron Sykes

Aaron Sykes, Sebastopal, CA – 2013 Western Professional Pro Mod Champion

Jared Neff

Jared Neff, Ruby Valley, NV – Western Professional Series

Jesse Haines

Jesse Haines, Sparks, NV – Western Professional Series

Jason Feuilly

Jason Feuilly, Cortez, CO – Western Professional Series

Masa Tsuda

Masa Tsuda, Uda City, Japan – W.E. Rock Japanese National Sanction

Bailey Campbell

Bailey Campbell, Gilbert, AZ


&         Matthew Blackstock, Fort Worth, TX


Mod Stock Class

Duane Garretson, Alma, AR - 2013 Eastern Professional Mod Stock Champion

Duane Garretson, Alma, AR – 2013 Eastern Professional Mod Stock Champion

Victor Buness

Victor Buness, Washington, UT – 2013 Western Professional Mod Stock Champion

Chris Mercer, Craig, CO

Chris Mercer, Craig, CO


Scott Angell

Scott Angell, Overland Park, KS




Sportsman Class

Rob Flandro

Rob FLandro, Salt Lake City, UT – 2013 Western Sportsman Class

Charlie Vacha

Charile Vacha, Apache Junction, AZ – 2013 Western Sportsman Class


Harold Lisonbee

Harold Lisonbee, Leeds, UT – 2013 Western Sportsman Class



ANYONE IS WELCOME TO COMPETE, with minimal Safety Requirements including a roof, doors, 4-point harnesses, a DOT helmet and two fire extinguishers.


Grand Nationals Facebook

PSC Motorsports W.E. Rock Professional Rock Crawling Grand Nationals in Cortez Colorado

Saturday and Sunday September 28-29 in Cortez, CO


IMG951324The Grand Nationals is the final event of the 2013 Professional Rock Crawling season where the East Coast drivers meet the West Coast drivers in a final shootout where only one will leave with the National Title. WERock PSC Grand Nationals will be a Saturday and Sunday event on September 28-29 in Cortez, CO; a few miles down from the recent Dirt Riot location and only minutes from Jimmy’s 4×4.  “Each year we move the location between the East and West in consideration of the drivers, and this year it is a West Coast event.  We chose the Cortez, Colorado location for its natural terrain and difficulty,” said Rich Klein, President and founder of W.E. Rock Events.  “These are the top drivers from across the country and they will be putting everything on the line for this title, creating guaranteed action for spectators.”

IMG951321Rock crawling starts at 2pm on Saturday through early evening, and at 10am Sunday through mid-afternoon.  Professional Rock Crawling is one of the most intricate sports in the motorsports arena.  It is technical, mechanical and filled with action.  The rock courses are setup in an area where spectators can bring their chairs and be able to see multiple courses running at the same time.  The two-day format includes 4 courses of competition on Saturday and another 4 courses on Sunday, with a final shootout on Sunday afternoon which usually determines the final finishing positions!  The winner will be determined by the driver that has the least amount of points at the end of the weekend, similar to golf.

There are drivers travelling over 30 hours to be part of this professional series showdown!  The Unlimited Class West Champion Justin Hall and East Coast Champion Josh Jordan will go head-to-head.  Along with Trail-Gear’s Matt Messer, Randy Southall, Tom Campbell, Denis Volkov and Wayland Campbell.

IMG951314The Pro Mod West Coast Champion Aaron Sykes yellow Superchips buggy will meet the East Coast Champion Branden and Kenny Blume’s yellow Maxxis buggy.  Jared Neff, Jesse Haines, Jason Feuilly, Bailey Campbell and Masa Tsuda, W.E. Rocks Japanese series partner, will also be competing among others.

Mod Stock East Coast Champion Duane Garretson will compete against West Coast Champion Victor Buness along with Chris Mercer and Scott Angell.  Local 4×4 participants are encouraged to participate in the Sportsman Class and join already registered and Charlie Vacha and Rob Flandro.  There are minimal safety requirements including a roof, doors, 4-point harnesses, a DOT helmet and two fire extinguishers.

Anyone is welcome to compete in the Unlimited, Pro Mod, Modified Stock and Sportsman Classes.  More information can be found at

Spectators are welcomed to enjoy either or both days. Rate $25.00 Two Day Pass, $15.00 Adult, Rate $5 Ages 8-15, Children 7 and under free , Military with ID $5 off.  Tickets can be bought online at

There are vendors, food and amenities on site, and we encourage you to bring chairs and shade structures. There is camping available onsite for competitors and nearby for spectators.  For additional details go to

After the event we will have the results, pictures and stories posted HERE!!

About W.E. Rock Sponsoring Partner PSC Motorsports:

PSCMotorsports 125PSC Motorsports is proud to be back involved with W.E.ROCK and the sponsorship of the Rock Crawling Grand Nationals. PSC Motorsports has a history of being involved with this sport from the day we opened our doors and for us as a company, Rock Crawling is where it all began.  For the most part, our whole off road product line has lineage that has evolved from hardcore rock crawling and continuing our involvement just makes good economic sense. It’s also pretty nice having a chance to give back to those that helped build this company.

On a another note, we at PSC Motorsports would also like to announce that we have opened a new warehouse / distribution center in Fort Worth, TX and that we are evolving into a full Off Road Warehouse. We have set a goal to offer practically everything you would need to build and maintain your comp vehicle. So if you get a chance, check us out  “I personally would like to thank W.E.ROCK for giving us this opportunity and those competitors that support us by using our product,” concluded Tom Allen.

IMG951317The W.E. Rock Grand Nationals sponsored by PSC Motorsports will be held in Cortez, Colorado a couple miles from the recent Dirt Riot event site, and minutes from Jimmy’s 4×4 location.  “We will be starting the Saturday competition at 2pm, an adjustment from our norm due to Ultra4 having to move their race date.  We want to make sure all the competitors that want to do both have the opportunity,” commented Rich.  Sunday’s competition will start at the usual 10am.  The competition will consist of the East competitors going up against the West competitors on 4 courses on Saturday and another 4 courses on Sunday with a final shootout.  Anyone is welcome to compete in the Unlimited, Pro Mod, Modified Stock and Sportsman Classes.  More information can be found at


This will be the location for any updates over the weekend, Results and Photos!  Please be sure to come back to see more.












CLICK HERE to pre-purchase tickets.  Please use this method if you would like to use a credit card. There is limited online access at most event sites to process credit cards.  These are rain or shine events, no refunds.

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Drivers are required to send in $100 deposit for all PRO Teams Competing.  Deadline for entry is September 18th.  If they opt out of coming the money will be added to the event purse.  This will give us an excellent idea of who will be racing and give us a better opportunity to plan the event.  Be sure to check back often as we grow that commitment list.Drivers, Please Pre-Register:


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See You At the Races!

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