as of 8/21



Grand Nationals

9/28/2013   Cortez, Colorado



Western Pro Series

3/16/2013   Thompson Ranch, Congress, AZ***         COMPLETED: CLICK FOR COVERAGE

5/11/2013 5/26/13  Cedar City, UT***         COMPLETED: CLICK FOR COVERAGE

7/19/2013   Goldendale, Washington   COMPLETED: CLICK FOR COVERAGE


Eastern Pro Series

4/19/2013  Kizzar’s, Dayton, TN       COMPLETED:  CLICK FOR COVERAGE

6/29/2013   Badlands Offroad Park, Attica, IN    COMPLETED: CLICK FOR COVERAGE

8/9/2013  Kizzar’s, Dayton, TN      COMPLETED: CLICK FOR COVERAGE



***Combined Events:
3/16-3/17 – Thompson Ranch,  Congress, AZ     Saturday: WERock   Sunday: Dirt Riot
5/25-5/26 – Cedar City, UT       Saturday: WERock   Sunday: Dirt Riot



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