What to Expect

 Coming out to a WE Rock Event for the first time can be a bit overwhelming, so we would like to share what you can expect.

keilman.360.4Each event starts on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. with the National Anthem. The competitors are lined up and ready to start on multiple obstacles at the same time. There are typically eight courses available to begin. The courses labeled A are for the professional classes, the courses labeled C are for the sportsman classes. You will be see all kinds of vehicles on each course.

Each competitor will complete four courses on Saturday and four courses on Sunday. The best professionals will move in to the Shootout course on Sunday afternoon to determine who the winners of the weekend are.
Courses are designed to be completed in ten minutes or less. If a driver fails to complete in ten minutes, they will receive points only for their progressive gates. Each course generally has elevation changes, crack lines, cone placements and other obstacles designed to challenge the drivers and spotters.


DSC_06982014 W.E. Rock Rangely Rock Crawling Park Western 2Each team consist of three parts, the car, the driver and the spotter. Each team uses the best strategies for them to score the best possible score. Scoring is like golf, the lowest score wins. Each team starts the day at zero, the best teams will finish with negative scores for the day. They achieve those scores by completing the course on time, taking few backups, not hitting cones and taking bonus lines. There are other things that affect the scores, but these are the top items to watch for.


werock rock crawling jimrock japanThere are six classes of vehicles, the Unlimited class is the most advanced. Very few rules attach to what can be driven in this class, cars are sometimes very light, on big tires. Other cars in this class may have fallen here because they don’t fit the limitations of other classes. In Unlimited, the cars can have rear steer as well. The ProMod class is another professional class, the cars are designed as two-seaters and look more like a vehicle you could recognize on the streets. These have been highly modified, but still retain the look of a real car. The other potential professional class is the Mod Stock class, the Mod Stock class is the only pro class that does not compete on the A courses, you will find them on the C courses which are milder.


2014 WERock CongressWe also have Sportsman A 2014 W.E. Rock Rangely Rock Crawling Park Western 2and Sportsman C classes. We divide them in two classes to keep the competition fair. Sportsman A typically are more in line with Unlimited buggies with bigger tires, the C class will have smaller tires and a variety of vehicles types, from Toyota pickups to jeep trail rigs. The Sportsman classes are designed to allow the trail rider to come out and try his/her hand at competition without having to meet all of the build requirements of the pro classes. With just meeting some safety standards, you can compete here as well. Check the WE Rock rules for those standards.


The final class of competitors is UTV, these compete on the C courses as well. It is amazing how versatile UTV’s are.
After the final shootout course of the day is complete, you are welcome to stay for the Awards Ceremony where all of the drivers receive trophies and cash.

2014 W.E. Rock Rangely Rock Crawling Park Western 22014 W.E. Rock Western 3 Goldendale WAOn-site you will find food vendors, toilets and plenty of sunshine (on a good day). There is also lots of dirt, so plan on getting dusty. We also have the W.E. Rock Events General Store for all your official merchandise – t-shirts, hoodies, caps, etc. and many of our sponsors have booths at the event as well.


At the gate, pay your entry fee, and then follow the traffic flow. You will usually pass the W.E. Rock Events trailer first, please stop and take a look and ask ANY questions you may have. Then look around for the spectator safe areas to watch the action, almost anything outside the barriers is good. Rockcrawling is one of the few motorsports event that you can be up close and personal with the competition.


2014 WERock Congress2014 W.E. Rock Rangely Rock Crawling Park Western 2There will be an announcer available to keep you up to date on the action. Listen close, everything is broadcast over the loudspeaker.
Between competitive runs, you are welcome to walk around and look at the cars and meet the drivers, grab their autograph and ask some questions. This is a family friendly event, but please be aware of your children’s movements and keep them out of competition areas.


we-rock west round 2 colorado 2912014 WERock CongressSince you have already checked out the website, go to the event page under the Schedule Tab and check for the other details that are specific to the event you are attending, that’s where we list details about the event, including directions, times, etc.


Some things you may want to bring with you – Folding chairs, blanket, sunscreen, hat or umbrella, coats, sweatshirts or rain gear depending on the forecast. Water to drink and snacks – coolers are allowed on site – however, be aware that some of our sites do not allow alcohol depending on the property owner, best to reference the Schedule Post. Money for buying souvenirs, but know that credit cards are typically accepted too.


2014 W.E. Rock Western 3 Goldendale WADSC_0539We look forward to seeing you at a WE Rock Event – if you Facebook, be sure to like our W.E. Rock Events page – this will give you the most up-to-date info and updates throughout the competition week and weekend. At the end of the weekend there will be pictures posted from the event…which you might be in! Feel free to Tag yourself in any of the pictures. www.facebook.com/werocklive

During the course of the next week we post the final results, lots of pictures, a recap on the event and videos. Please come back to see what you may have missed on the other side of the course.

See You Soon!